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April 2017


Hello to all. We’ve made it getting through another Long Island winter. It wasn’t a good one for the Power Association as the weather hampered many of the repairs or improvements to our facility. Whether it being too wet to dig or just too cold to work but then spring has sprung. First I would like to welcome aboard Mike Young to the Power Association board of directors for the 2017 operating year. Mike comes with some new and fresh ideas for the growth of our organization.

The Power Association continues to grow in 2017 and it’s nice to see many of our members coming back out and supporting the organization through volunteering as demonstrated in our recent “Work Day” at the barn. Over the winter months we had an incident at our property were a drunk driver stole a vehicle and proceeded to drive heading east on Sound Avenue and veered off the road narrowly missing the fire hydrant in front our property along with the guide wire on the electric pole. This allowed him to blast through our split rail fence, missing our sign and continued across the property heading toward the Hallockville barn. He was able to stop once the vehicle jumped on top of a snow pile stopping inches from going through their barn. As luck would have it, Herb Strobel the Executive Director of the Hallockville organization was there and saw the driver as he was trying to get the vehicle off the snow bank and called the police at which time the driver fled on foot and was later caught. So now fast forward to April 2nd and our work day, member Dan Young secured replacement fence materials and Ed Zimmerman and David Bonne’ dug out the old posts and replaced the damaged fence making it look like nothing happened.

More improvements to the property entailed running electric power lines underground from the transformer to two locations, the saw mill building and the track announcer’s stand. The Power Association would like to say a special thanks to Cardo Site Development for use of their excavator to run the trenches and Don Fisher and Steve Wolbert for getting the supplies needed get us power to these two locations. There were so many members that turned out to help the Power Association grow and Steve Barker and myself and the board members would like to say a special thank you to each and every one of you. This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary by bringing back all the features of years past and there was so many: John Deere, Ford, IH/Farmall, Long Island Stock Cars, Construction Equipment etc. This is a big challenge in itself trying to get this all together and the founding President Bruce L. Young stepped up to the plate to head this special event along with Treasurer Susie Young. We all really need to pitch in and show everyone who we are and what we do. We are seeing this organization grow and it’s all because of you, the members who donate their time so generously and you see the difference.

This year we are back again with the Truck Pulling series which has proven itself very successful bringing more members and spectators to the Power Association. I’ve made up flyers to hand out, place in store front windows or to advertise on social media. The concept is simple: to keep on pulling more and more weight until you can’t pull no more. We are doing one show per month on a Saturday night with registration beginning at 5pm and kicking off by 6pm with the first one kicking off on April 22nd. It’s got the attention of many, even folks off Long Island, as we are finding out going into Upstate New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania! Steve Barker has received and has been in contact with a promoter in the Northeast who was telling him that people thought it was himself that was putting on this show. This promoter would also like to host a Jeep Show on our property in October; he provides everything except for food for which the Club would do. The possibilities seem endless as word spreads about us and all we need is YOU!

Plow Day is back again this year on April 23rd at 9am. We will plow, disc and seed John Luthardts property behind Hallockville. So get out those plows, do some preventive maintaince work on them like I need to do with mine and let’s get plowing! Now we will provide a free lunch to all that participate bringing out equipment and partaking in the event just as a special thanks because as we know it’s a lot of work to get them there. If you are just spectating lunch we will be available to you at donation prices.

Our Annual Tractor Run is back on April 30th with a rain date of May 7th to benefit marine veteran, James Butz and his family. James who went on 3 deployments between 2002-2005 for our great country suffers from PTSD, severe back and body pains. James served with club member Dan Young and it would be a wonderful way of saluting and supporting one of our own in this special way now when he is in need. Donation is $20 to participate but we are asking you to do your part and dig a little deeper to help this veteran and his family even going to your boss, company or even neighbors. Make all checks payable to LIAPA and we will intern present him with one big check from the Power Association. Please remember to have a reflective red triangle on your tractor. Members that would like to participate but do not have a tractor ride are in luck as member Ed Shaeffer has graciously offered to pull the hay wagon so you can have a ride. It is a great sight to see these farm tractors heading down the roads on the North Fork. The trip is different than previous years taking different back roads and ending back at the club for some brunch.

In May the Power Association is hosting its 4th Annual Spring Show/ Flea Market. The date is May 20th&21st, 10am to 5pm both days and we will be doing our Large Tractor and Garden Tractor pulls. The Flea Market is available at $20 donation for both days and you keep the proceeds from your sales. As you all probably know the sawmill has been a wonderful addition to our organization. Everyone that donates time there has made it a work of art and need to be applauded for their hard work and dedication. Here is a message from Bill Pfeffer “The Crew” is in the middle of a 1500 square foot job of board and batten siding. That comes to 250 1x8 boards and as many battens. Since the log pile didn’t freeze this year we were able to do 4 other smaller jobs and have a 5th one. Mike Mercuri has been keeping us fed and is arranging to refill our pine log pile so we can finish the siding order and start milling boards for the blacksmith shop. Eric Schultz and Dick Ryder have been working on the 1880 thickness planer donated by Dieter Lund. We hope to have it running by the fall. It will add to what the mill can manufacture. The sawmill now has a belt lacer thanks to Lee Peterson. He came up with a super deal on a mint condition lacer, Thanks Lee. For anyone with logs to donate please call Bill first (631-744-7339). We appreciate all the donations but have to get logs a minimum of 12 inches in diameter at their smallest and 12 feet long or more. They also need to be relatively straight since the mill only cuts that way. Ron Grobowski (our blacksmith) donated a set of logging tongs and Ed Scheaffer rigged them for use on the Case and other equipment. It has really sped up loading and moving the logs”. Thanks to Bill for the update.

The blacksmith shop looks to be a go for us adding more to see for the buck. There is something always going on at the Power Association. Our resident blacksmith, as Bill mentioned, Ron Grobowski, has most of the equipment he would need to get the blacksmith shop up and running. We are hoping to get that up and running in the near future.

The Engine Room is coming along with the Ruston Hornsby Engine that the guys have been working on and hopefully online for the summer show. Exhaust pipe is currently being run to the outside of the building. The Officers and Directors would like to thank everyone coming out and donating time to help make our organization better and better and something we can all be proud of. As always Clubs dues are due January 1 and please send a check payable to LIAPA to be current.

Joe Venth, Vice President
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