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 Hallockville Fall Havest Festival October 2006

10-06 00110-06 004
                       Mike Kiel Jr. and Grandpa giving pointers                                                        Mike Kiel, Sr. checking out his new rival...... Jr.
10-06 00310-06 006
                                    Jim DiGiovana at Speed!                                                                           Pete Maganoli, Jr. on the Cub Cadet         
10-06 00510-06 015
                     Samantha Venth pulling with a proud Dad looking on                                              How much can I abuse your tractor, Fran?
10-06 00710-06 010
                               Gary giving pointers to Samantha                                                                      Gary attemping another full pull!
Carol and PearlGuest Announcer-Buddy Sheppard
        Our girls under the concession tent, Carol Talmadge and Pearl Miller                              Our guest announcer for Saturday, Buddy Sheppard
10-06 017'29 Buffalo Springfield Dressing up the track
                                    Fran on the Larger Deere                                                       Jeff doing a great job getting the track ready for the next pull!
10-06 02310-06 028
          George Venth, Sr. planning his next strategy with 800lbs. added                    
'41 Ford 10-06 026
                     One wheel braking is the only way to steer!                                                                     Matt Ravenhall on his John Deere
John Deere Model D10-06 031
                                                           Ford Powermaster 841
                                                                                          Jim Page on his Ford Powermaster 841




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