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June 2016

                          LONG ISLAND ANTIQUE POWER ASSOC.

Hello to all! We kicked off the spring of 2016 with opening the barn and pulling everything out as the barn was in desperate need of a good cleaning. So many items was gone through seeing if it was worth keeping and if so place it so we could find it, as you could imagine we collected a lot over the years. Many of the tractors in the barn were started up for the first time in many years, driven around and then backed in for easier access when needed to be taken out.

April brought us our 2nd Tractor Run to benefit the “Make A Wish” foundation with some 18 tractors participating with everything from International/Farmall to those green and yellow ones too!! It was a great turnout raising some $5000.00 for this organization. Food at the half way point was provided to us at a reduced cost from Erik’s Café in Southold. Ed Shaefer volunteered to pull a hay wagon for those who wanted to participate and didn’t have a ride and Andrew Gladyz had his large Stars and Stripes on display for all to see. The weather was perfect and the membership pulled together to really allow our club to shine. Thanks to Jude Petroski for calling the local papers and getting our name out there.
Our first plow day in a few years took place on John Leuthardts fields behind Hallockville with approx. 15 tractors out there doing plowing, disking and now we have some field corn planted and ready to grow. It’s been a while since we’ve had a plow day and it felt good to go out there and turn over some dirt again and hang out with friends. Food was provided to anyone who came out and plowed free of charge as a thank you for taking the time to bring out your equipment and participate in the clubs functions. Special thanks to John Leuthardt for allowing us to use his property and donation of a cover crop.
Bruce Young and family were out that same day getting the transfer sled up and running, getting the bugs out of it. Looks like it should be a nice addition to our garden tractor pulls. They’ve made some changes to pulling that we have grown to know. Removing all the weight on the tractors and using speed and traction to pull the distance is a different approach. Pulling the transfer sled and our regular weight sled will be on the bill both days of the summer show so get there and give it a try!!
Ness Kramer started a project to get the younger LIAPA members together and make a dog house from materials cut from Bill Pfeffer and the Sawmill crew. The dog house looked great and was raffled off at our Spring Show. Ness raised $88.00 in the raffle and was donated to the Power Association. The winner was Regina T. Purcell of Mattituck and North Fork Helicopters, Congratulations Regina!! Ness is currently looking to get another group of boys together to build another one to raffle off at the Summer Show next month.
On Saturday June 18th at 6pm we will try a new venture in the Power Association of having Saturday Night Truck and Large Tractor Pulls! In an effort of gaining new members and more participation among all, we are opening up our facility to pickup trucks pulling the sled. It has been in the past few attempts as a filler by bringing out pickup trucks doing the classic Ford against Chevy or even Dodge and see how they do. The requirements are simple, must 18 and over, become a LIAPA member if not already to pull and have a small hookup fee for the night for unlimited pulling of $20 per truck/tractor. We will also have these truck pulls Saturday, July 23rd and August 20th. We’ll see ya out there!!
In July we have a number of events and first off are the Annual Jamesport FD Parade. This is an old favorite with a great turnout!!! The parade kicks off at 7pm with lineup around 6pm, in case you haven’t been able to attend yet we meet on Washington Ave and S. Railroad Ave. Basically were Jamesport Hardware is on Rt. 25/Washington Ave take that south and go across the tracks and we meet on the west side. For additional information please contact: Bruce Young 631-727-7943.
July 9th and 10th is our 24th Annual Summer Show featuring “Steel Wheels” this year. Everything that moved on steel, tractors, dozers, wagons you get the drift. Saturday Night Dinner which is always a nice get together especially after a long day, well we need a response from you on this by July 1st ok and no later. Dieter and Amy Lund (631-928-8110) are having a roast beef with all the fixings for $20pp. This sounds like a good dinner and you get to hang with family and good friends so give them a call and reserve yours. The board is asking for participation with this event, anytime you can donate is most appreciated!!! Please ask a board member where you can help. Parking like last year is now up in the back on John Leuthardts property ok, you can unload up on our grounds pulling down the access road along the buildings and park your equipment. The trucks and trailers MUST go up in the back with everyone else’s and this is due to our limited amount of property. Everyone’s cooperation is most appreciated!!
The sawmill is doing great with Bill Pfeffer and all the guys getting a handle on this 1920’s Enterprise Mill. Being one of two sawmills operating on the island they have it down to a science and able to contribute to the Power Association by taking on projects from within the organization to outside. They are currently cutting some white oak for a members decking on his trailer. The mill’s building is looking great with windows for public viewing this is and will continue to be a great attraction.
The Engine building with Dieter, Mike Mecuri, Jr and Nelson Mangan is coming along making progress all the time and now with our second engine the Ruston & Hornsby. The rebar is done, the forms were set and the concrete supplied by Kenny Edwards is set. The Engine Barn is coming together and as you can see it’s a lot of work and many thanks go out to those guys and other volunteers. Remember it’s all donated time so please offer to help were you can.
This past weekend on June 4th the water lines were ran from the pit by the windmill to the sawmill and the track. Once tied in the we will have year round water supply to these locations. The pipe was donated by George Venth, Sr, Jen Card and me along with obtaining a frost free hydrant at the track and purchasing one for the mill. Being below the frost line there’s no pipes to blow out in the winter and we are done.
Please do not forget to pay your membership dues!! Thank you to all that help and donate their time it does not go unnoticed. The Power Association is coming together and growing. Can you imagine what the next 25 years will be like?

Respectively, Joe Venth, Vice President

Club Calendar
June 8th Club Meeting at the barn 2pm

June 18th Saturday Night Truck and Tractor Pulls 6pm

July 6th Jamesport Fire Department Parade 6 pm

July 8th Club Meeting at the barn 7pm and show setup

July 9th 10th 24th Annual Summer Show Featuring Everything with “Steel Wheels” “Steel Tracks” Show Times for both days 10am to 5pm. Saturday Night Dinner $20pp Roast Beef please pay no later then July 1st please see Dieter and Amy Lund 631-928-8110

July 23rd Saturday Night Truck and Tractor Pulls 6pm

Aug 10th Club Meeting at the barn 7pm

Aug 20th Saturday Night Truck and Tractor Pulls 6pm

Aug 27th 28th Riverhead Railroad Museum 10am to 4pm tractor and engine display

Sept 14th Monthly Meeting 7pm at the barn

Sept 10th 11th 36th Annual Hallockville Fall Festival 10am to 4pm

Oct 9th 41st Annual Riverhead Country Fair

Oct 12th Monthly Meeting at the barn 7pm Oct 15th 4th Annual Patchogue Fall Harvest Festival 12pm to 5pm

Oct 30th 7th Annual Port Jefferson Fall Harvest Festival 12pm to 5pm

Nov 6th LIAPA Fall Swap Meet 10am to 4pm

Nov 13th Monthly Meeting located at the barn 2pm

Nov 25th Southold Historical Societies Annual Candlelight Tour 3pm to 6pm

Nov 26th 54th Annual Patchogue Village Christmas Parade 6pm Dec 3rd East Hampton Christmas Parade 10am Dec 4th Riverhead Christmas Parade 1pm Dec 11th Monthly Meeting/Annual Christmas Party 1pm
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