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Welcome To The L.I. Antique Power Association March 2016 Newsletter! 
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March 2016


     Hello to all! Hope everyone’s Christmas and New Year’s was great! It’s the Power Associations’ 24th year and we have a new group of officers and directors that you all voted for and on behalf of them would like to say thank you! We have some ideas that we would like to introduce to the Power Association getting more participation on everyone’s behalf. Opening up the barn more often and having members just enjoy our club. 
     We are going to clean out the barn on March 20th. taking all of the pieces of equipment out and get them running if at all possible, guys and gals can team up to on getting them running. We would like to pressure clean each piece of equipment making it look presentable to the public when they come to our events. We would display the tractors in the barn in a manner that a museum would display and having signs made. 

     If you haven’t yet seen, President Steve Barker took the initiative and with help from other club members has designed a track that we can be proud of. The idea is simple; to show the public that something is going on here. The track has been raised allowing rain water to run off to the sides. With the help Bill Pfeffer and his crew they have cut lumber from trees that have been donated and pressure treated telephone poles that Steve acquired a few years ago that has been in the back of our property was used for posts. Now we have a professional looking guard rail with our grand stands behind them to protect the public. Again with the help of the saw mill an announcer’s booth was created, standing on the pressure treated poles the booth is approx. 8’x8’ with walls and windows openings. Dieter Lund made and donated a pressure treated stairs for this which worked out great. This will give Don Fisher, Nes Kramer and Tyler Shepherd our announcers a great place to do their magic. We are going to be running water lines to both the track and sawmill. Lighting will also be installed on the property. 

     The sawmill is coming along better then I envisioned. Bill Pfeffer and the guys have done an incredible job with this fabricating new part’s when needed and we now have something we can be proud of. Besides cutting lumber to finish the exterior of the building, they have received requests to cut lumber for outsiders that have heard of the mill and have received donations for our club. The lower shaft of the husk has been removed and is to be repaired by April so we can get back to milling. Dieter Lund has donated an industrial planer (pre 1900) which we will bring to operating condition over the summer. Thanks Dieter We have 2 jobs waiting in the wings. We also brought in a small load of white oak for trailer deck boards. So those guys who have a need get in touch as it is a limited supply right now. 

     Beginning this year we are going to try having “Saturday Night Pickup and Tractor Pulls”. There will be classes of vehicles such as gas and diesel. We have one Saturday per month starting on June 18th. 

     Last year we had a tractor run to benefit the “Wounded Warriors” and we had a great time doing it for an excellent charity. This year we are doing the run again and our members decided at the March Meeting on the “Make A Wish” foundation. It will be held on April 24th, with the rain date being May 1st. Enclosed is the application to be filled out and brought with you that day. This is a great charity so please ask you neighbors, family and friends to donate; it is $20 per person.

Club Calendar

March 19th. Patchogue St. Patrick’s Day Parade 10am start contact Joe @ 631-831-7275

March 19th. Jamesport St. Patrick’s Day Parade 1pm start meet at Washington Ave & S. Railroad Ave

March 20th. Club Clean Up Day, work at the barn 9 am start

April 10th. Club meeting at the barn 2pm

April 17th. Club Plow Day, plowing field up behind club barn 9am start

April 24th. 2nd Annual Tractor Run to benefit “Make A Wish” Foundation meeting at 7am leaving at

8am $20 per person. See enclosed form. Rain Date May 1st.

May 7th 8th Suffolk County Farm “Baby Animal Day” Bring your plow as we have a field to do. We will display tractors, engines and hot rods.

May 11th. Club meeting at the barn 2pm

May 14th 15th Our 3rd. Annual Spring Show and Flea Market 10am to 5 pm

May 30th Patchogue Memorial Day Parade, 10am meet kicks off at 11am

June 4th Makers Day in Port Jefferson

June 8th Club Meeting at the barn 2pm

June 18th Saturday Night Truck and Tractor Pulls 6pm

July 6th Jamesport Fire Department Parade 6 pm

July 8th Club Meeting at the barn 7pm and show setup

July 23rd Saturday Night Truck and Tractor Pulls 6pm

Aug 10th Club Meeting at the barn 7pm

Aug 20th Saturday Night Truck and Tractor Pulls 6pm

Aug 27th 28th Riverhead Railroad Museum 10am to 4pm tractor and engine display
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