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September 2016

Hello to all!! Hope everyone’s summer was great, memorable and enjoyable. The power association in June kicked off the summer of 2016 with us exploring in a new venture, Truck Pulls. President Steve Barker had an idea with this not knowing how it would turn out. The concept was simple to utilize our pulling track to pull the weight sled which sits idle most of the year. Well we got out there spreading the word from word of mouth and social media and then that Saturday came. We kept our fingers crossed and a little past 5pm we started to see one truck then the pause then another and another. Well that night we had 15 trucks out there and the response was more than expected. The bleachers were full of spectators and people standing around having a great time! I went around and inquired to see what the consensus was and their response was “there’s nothing on long island for us to do with our trucks” and “this is great!” when asked would you come back again? “Most definitely”, that evening we welcomed several new members and received $900 in donations, additional income that was not anticipated for the 2016 operating year.

July brought us our 24th Annual Summer Show featuring “Steel Wheels”. The idea was presented to the club by Big Mike Dioniso. The idea proved to be a hit and along with that, Big Mike wanted to relocate the large tractors and displays up to the front yard to promote and take advantage of the sound avenue traffic. Well, this was complimented by many spectators saying that they never knew we were there so between that and Andrew Gladyz bringing his large American Flag on his John Deere and we set up the crane with a large American Flag which caught the attention of many eyes. Mike had working displays which is always great added feature to show the public what these pieces of equipment do. Mike had the help of Freddy, Neil, George, and Ed Zimmerman and his son Kurt making silage from the corn that we obtained from the Rottkamp’s. Steve Barker and the guys assembled a kids corner making a sand pit and hay bale section for the families to entertain their children. Jen Card and I went out and bought toys for the kids to play with. Jude Petrowski had his working display of the small John Deere tractor, water targets and lassoing. We like to thank Ness Kramer for a great job on his dog house raffle. Thank you to Gene Shepherd Sr. and Steve Wolbert operating the shovel for demonstrations. Danny Young and Bruce Young, Jr were out there operating our new transfer sled with their modified pulling tractors with some fellow members. Jim, Jack and Ted Page handled the garden tractor pulls and even John Ahrens was out on the track hooking up tractors! Dieter Lund, Mike Mecuri, Jr. and Nelson Mangan showing and operating many of our hit and miss engines in the Engine Barn. We had a great display from the small engine guys; these men travel a long way and always have a great display for us Cliff Suppa, Joe Gress, Bill “The Ice Cream Man” Hall, Charlie Hughes, Lee Pederson and Stewart Nicoll. Let’s not forget the saw mill with Bill Pfeffer at the helm along with the guys putting on a great demonstration of what this mill is capable of. Special thanks to the people at the food concessions that keep us full, Amy Lund, Rose Gruber, Frank Swots, Pat Wolbert and Annette Mecuri. Our Saturday night dinner was very good with special thanks to Dieter and Amy Lund and all who helped to make it an enjoyable evening.

We saw improvements on our grounds in July with the installation of a water line to different locations on our property. These water lines include frost free hydrants for the small engine crew also including the pulling track and the saw mill. Donations for this were made by George Venth, Jen Card, Lee Pederson, and I.

The July truck pulls saw the event growing for the Power Association with approximately 25 trucks entering the event. The Officers and Directors decided on implementing a $5 donation for spectators, the parking area was full and everyone having a great time. The event now ran longer into the night with us wrapping up after midnight with our members helping to pack it all in. We did better with donations as we took in $1900 for the night. Thanks to all who help promote these events either through word of mouth and social media. We had a great turn out at the Jamesport Fire Department parade approximately 20 tractors participating. Augusts truck pulls showed that this event is growing for us. We had 29 trucks and or large tractors pulling, 20 new memberships and 272 spectators through the gate. That night also had a 50/50 raffle and a donation from the food truck that was on site. All together we had $2500 in donations which is great for us as it opens a path to doing improvements to our facility whether being grounds or repairs to equipment.

The Railroad Museum of Long Island invited the Power Association to their annual event. As always it is very enjoyable and we are well received by all. LIAPA member and Museum President Don Fisher always welcome’s us and is most appreciative of all who attend. The weather was beautiful both days and was great to hang out with everyone and “Shoot the Bull”. Thanks to all the guys who helped with the train derailment as Don was very appreciative.

September kicked off with the Hallockville Fall Festival which appeared to be a good turnout for them. We got together and put on a display of tractor pulls, large and small engines, hay rides and making silage from our corn that was grown on John Leuthardts land. Big Mike and the boys where selling chicken feed and bird seed at the event. Thanks again to John for letting us utilize his land.

On September 24th at 6pm we will host our monthly truck pull which continues to be good for us and will be going into the fall months our next one will be on October 22 at 6 pm. Now from this point forward there will be no more trailers ball hitches to hook the sled. It will be the pintle hook, ring or hook. This is due to safety reasons for all involved.

The saw mill is doing great with our new blade ordered from a place down in Georgia, it is smaller in diameter and more accurate in cutting with less work on all of the parts that operate the mill, definitely night and day comparing to the other one. Thanks to all the guys that put 110% into operating that mill!!

The engine room is coming along just fine with the Ruston Hornsby diesel engine which was made in Lincoln, England. The engine base is completed, leveled and the flywheel is ready to be installed. It’s quite a bit of work assembling these incredible engines and we appreciate the time and dedication the guys put into this.

Joe Venth, Vice President

****Please do not forget to pay your DUES!!!! $25 per voting membership. Your dues help our organization grow. You can mail your check or pay at the meetings . Thank you in advance****
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